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My poster “Fishing on Lewis Island” received Best in Show award.

Title: “Fishing on Lewis Island”
Artist: Luiz Vilela, Lambertville, NJ
Medium: Oil painted directly onto acid-free poster board
Poster Size: 18 x 28″

“Fishing on Lewis Island”


“It was already late afternoon when I saw the fishermen
It felt like they knew the wind, they talked with the fish
They had the river, the water in their eyes
Their souls were blue from the sky
And my heart was pounding with the waves … “

What a better tribute to Lewis Island on it’s 125th Anniversary than a spectacular painting by Luiz Vilela. If real life were only this beautiful. The artist makes it a fantasy, rich in color and light, ideal. This painting is spectacular. Thanks again Luiz for another stunning contribution to the auction scholarship fund.


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